First of all, Happy Birthday Kanatan!

Recently, us overseas Heimin have been working on a project for Kanata's birthday, and it's called the Halo World Project!

With this project, we aimed to show how much all the Heimin from around the world love Kanata by sending a picture representative of where they live along with Kanata's merch! Each post also has a birthday message for Kanata, so that we could show our appreciation no matter where any of us live!

And we want to thank all of you Heimin who have participated! Thanks to all of you, we were able to get 168 birthday messages for Kanata from 30 different countries around the world!

Along with that project, we also did a collaboration campaign with MASS!With this, Heimin from around the world also folded together paper cranes so that we could get to 1000 to help Kanata get better soon! You can see all the submissions right here!#1000CranesForKanatan

Kanata we missed you so much!! great to see you are recovering and doing well now, all of us are excited to see you back
- Yukikaze Kai
-, Philippines
Happy birthday kanata
- NinjaTang
Happy BIrthday Kanata! Stay strong and we wish you good health!
- kiosy
MalikMistyRory's picture
Happy Birthday Persistently Progressing Tenshi
- MalikMistyRory
Chicago, United States
ウカシャ's picture
- ウカシャ
ybz612's picture
- ybz612
BeanBun's picture
Kanatan! Happy Birthday and welcome back! Much love from the United Kingdom, I hope this birthday is the best one to date.
- BeanBun
United Kingdom
Happy birthday Kanataso!!! I’m really glad to see you streaming again and back to good health! I hope you have a great day!
- Zach
Denver, United States
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GORILLA I just want to say Keep on making our lives happy and we will make yours happy too
- Titus
Singapore, Singapore
Yeo Zong Han's picture
Happy birthday Kanata! May you be blessed for the year ahead, 来年は仲良くしよう~
- Yeo Zong Han
Panchan772's picture
Happy Birthday Kanatan!! 💙💫
- Panchan772
Florida, United States
Kazento's picture
Happy birthday Kanata! Location: Thu Thiem Bridge with the Bitexco Tower in sight with the acrylic block
- Kazento
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
クロカミ's picture
- クロカミ
I wish you a happy birthday Kanata and all the best from Finland!
- Jami
xinmike221's picture
- xinmike221
Hong Kong
- Nico
Chicago, United States
- Azyrn
TEt's picture
Happy Birthday Kanata! I'll need to serve the army soon, but I'll always be supporting you and looking forward to seeing you on stage again!
- TEt
Seoul, South Korea
Happy Birthday Kanata! Watching and listening to Kanata always makes me smile. I hope you have a pleasant birthday!
- CatMillennium
United Kingdom
Happy birthday kanata! Thank you for all the fun streams and amazing concerts and covers. You are like a beacon of light in this world!
- Penta
United States
Happy birthday Kanatan!! Wish you have a good health and achieve your goal career!!!
- HijnZ
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
I might have just join but I know you are a great singer, great streamer, and you help put a smile on this fan, that I want say thank you
- Diego J Mieles Jr
United States
Happiest birthday to our sweet Tenshi! We are blessed to have such an amazing and hard working girl making our days so much brighter
- Mantas
Happy birthday Kanata! Wishing you a happy and healthy life!
- Jason Terry
Greenapples's picture
Happy birthday Kanata! Hope you have a wonderful day!
- Greenapples
Belfast, United Kingdom